Friday, 24 November 2017

Mechanical Greetings

Mechanical Greetings

Hello Everyone!

We have another fun card
for you today.  Hazel Harler
is here to stun and amaze 
you with her take on this

 "Hi everyone, I've a Kinetic Swing Card
 to share with you today.

 I brayered some Fresco Finish paint
 over the inside of my card blank.

Then I stamped some snowflakes with
 a Jofy stamp and metalic glaze.

These are the paints, glaze and 
stamp that I used.

This photo shows the fold lines and cut out 
on the front of the card.

This photo shows the card folded and standing.

 This is the template and measurements
 for the card.

 I decided to colour the front of the card.

I used a mixture of Zinski and Jofy stamps 
to stamp inside the card and onto white card.

 I used felt tips to colour the images.

The snowmen were matted onto blue card 
before attaching it to the front and back 
of the square cut out, I also added some
 small punched snowflakes.

I cut out the baubles and glued them
 inside the card together with the sentiment.

The front of the finished card

The inside of the finnished card."

Thank you Hazel - a jolly card to 
cheer anybody's day.  Many thanks

Well Everyone, now you know as
much about kinetic cards as I do!  

Aren't they fun?

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mechanical Greetings

Mechanical Greetings

Hallo There!

Lovely day again here
but I suppose it will
get chilly when the sun
goes down.........

We shall just have to
keep ourselves warm

Here is Louise Thomson:

"Hi there,
As Christmas approaches I'm sure many
 of us will be preparing gifts to give,
 and when we're not sure what our friends
 and family want, a gift card is a great idea.

Today I'm showing you how to make 
a pop up gift card holder to make 
your gift that little bit more 

I started by slicing a strip about 5cm wide
 from a piece of a4 white card.

Setting aside the strip for later,
 I folded the larger piece in half. 

I then measured 4.5cm from the fold,
 scored lightly and folded along the score line. 

 Turning the card over, I repeated on
 the other side. 

this left me with this set up:

Using a gift card as a size guide,
I cut a slit in the centre fold to slot it in.

I painted the outside of the card in
 jade fresco paint and the inside with
 Antarctic paint. 

I used JOFY stamps to decorate 
and painted with white fire paint.

Next I taped the folds to create the 
pop up middle section

I used the JOFY mini snowflakes stamp
 to decorate the inside of the card and
 painted a panel that could be written on.

On a separate piece of card I stamped
 the pile of presents from JOFY set 02
 in charcoal versa ink and embossed
 with clear powder. 

I then painted it using fresco paints.

Having cut this out I added wire to the top
 and stuck in the centre of the pop up.

With the gift card in;

With the strip I cut away at the beginning 
I made a band to hold the card closed;

So that's one Christmas present
 I've got sorted at least! "



The shops may do some lovely
Gift card folders but there's
nothing like having one that
has been specially made for
you to make you feel so
good inside.....
Thank you Louise

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Mechanical Greetings

Mechanical Greetings

Hi Everyone!

Brrr!  It is getting chilly out
there now.   Time to snuggle
up to the fire............. should 
have bought some muffins
(the ones that are a bit like
pancakes of course).  

Now when I say mechanical
greetings I probably mean
kinetic greetings but either
way movement is involved!

To start us off, Angela Radford
 has come with a greeting card 
that is just right for the 
mantelpiece ...........

Hi all, Angela here to show you one
 of my favourite ways of getting
 movement in my cards.

 I started with a sheet of watercolour paper
 but lightweight card would work too. 

Use your distress inks on a craft mat and
 smoosh the card through it until you
 get a light coverage.

 Once this was dry I used a Paper Artsy Christmas
 stencil by Kay Carley with several colours of 
Distress Oxides.

Looks okay but I just couldn't resist adding more!

So clear Gel medium next through
 the same stencil and allow it to dry.

 Now at this stage I could not decide on the
 colours I wanted to use so cut the paper 
into two and then added the colours with 
Distress Oxides.

Splatter water over the colour and 
allow to activate and dab off.

And here are the two samples.

 If you buff the card a little the gelled 
areas will show up more.

 I couldn't resist it! One more technique: 

Splatter thinned paint onto the surface
 and allow it to dry.

At this stage I folded the front of a card blank
 to make a Z fold card and layered this with
 the Masterboard and matching coloured card. 

You will also need a piece of card for the front 
slightly smaller than the size of your chosen
 card blank. 

This front section is not completed
 at this stage as can be seen below.

Now for the fun part using the Elenazinski 
Christmas set 19. 

Stamp these onto card and heat emboss 
with clear embossing powder.

 How cute are they?!

Next the colouring.
 I like to use watercolour pencils for this. 

When these were dry I also added 
glaze to the eyes.

Now cut three strips of clear acetate and
 attach three of the figures to this and the 
other two on each side of the front section. 

I also stamped the sentiment at this stage.

Turn the front section over and attach
 the acetate strip to the back with the 
stamped figures facing you.

Turn this over and bend the acetate 
towards you. Use a bone folder to smooth
 the acetate into position and then it 
can be mounted onto the white card 
and attached to the front.

And here is the finished card. 

It only takes a little draught to make 
these little guys wobble which I just love.

A side view of the Christmas family
 sending their sentiment. 

Hope you enjoyed watching me make 
this fun card xXx

Products used for the Mechanical Family

Such a fun card!  Thank you
so much Angela

I could just see them bobbing about
on my mantelpiece ......... you
have to hand it to PaperArtsy, they
come up trumps every time ....

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx